Secondhand Books

Archaeology and the Old Testament
Alfred J Hoerth

Used - Very good, almost as new - dedication by the author.

ISBN: 9780801011290
Price: €10.00
Bible Encyclopedia for Children - Hardcover
Cecil Northcott

Used - Good

ISBN: 9780718800789
Price: €4.00
Biblical Archaeology - Hard cover
George Ernest Wright

Used - Good condition with a few markings.

ISBN: 9780664243067
Price: €5.00
Double Portion - Our Inheritance - Entering into the Father's Promise
Andy Glover

Used - Very good condition, like new - signed by the author.

ISBN: 9781546534105
Price: €3.00
Encountering the New Testament: A Historical and Theological Survey (Encountering Biblical Studies) Hardcover
Elwell, Walter A.; Yarbrough, Robert W.

Used - Very good condition like new - with CD ROM

Price: €10.00
Encountering the Old Testament: A Christian Survey (Encountering Biblical Studies) Hardcover
Arnold, Bill T.; Beyer, Bryan E.

Used - Good condition, does not include CD ROM

ISBN: 9780801021763
Price: €7.00
Encyclopedia of Christian Parenting - Hardcover
Howard G. Hendricks; J. Allan Peterson; James Dobson

Used - Good condition

ISBN: 9780800712761
Price: €7.00