Bookmark - Footprints

Dimensions: 5.5 x 18 cm

Price: €0.50
Bookmark - Animals

A selection of 6 Animal bookmarks: 1:Teach me to do your will 2:Rejoice in the Lord always 3:The Lord is good to all 4:God is faithful 5:Put your trust in the Lord 6:Jesus said,'I am the way'. Each bookmark is sold separately - 40 cents each - 45x140mm.

Price: €0.40
Bookmark - Books Of The Bible

Price: €0.50
Bookmarks - Floral

0.50 each bookmark

Price: €0.50
Magnetic Bookmarks - Flowers

Set of 4 cross-bookmarks; Unique fold-over design uses strong magnets to keep your place. Text: Have Faith - Trust in the Lord - Believe - Be Thankful. Bookmark size: 5x6.5cm

Price: €4.25
Magnetic Page Markers - Blessings from above

The Blessing From Above Magnetic PageMarker Set comes with 6 floral and butterfly designs on small pagemarkers in each pack. The Christian magnetic pagemarkers features inspiring words and sentiments, including “Keep believing,” “Blessed is she who believes,” “Faith,” “Be kind,” “The Lord will fulfill His promises” and “Be blessed.”

Price: €3.95
Magnetic Page Markers - Everyday blessings

Share the beautiful promise from the Lord that He makes all things possible when you give the Everyday Blessings Magnetic PageMarkers. Your friends and family can use these Christian pagemarkers as bookmarks or in place of staples and paper clips, making them a helpful aid for keeping their place or papers together—and you’ll fill your loved ones with faith. Set of 6

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Price: €3.95