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Amy Carmichael - Can brown eyes be made blue? Hardback
Catherine MacKenzie

Amy wants blue eyes now and not brown, and is exasperated that God doesn't appear to be responding to her prayer. But God knows that there are other children with brown eyes who need Amy's help. Amy learns that God always answers prayer - and he always does what is best. For ages 6-8

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Amy Carmichael - Rescuing the Children (Heroes for Young Readers)
Renee Meloche

Amy Carmichael was still a child when an encounter with a poor girl her age changed the course of her life and in turn the lives of countless others. As she grew up, Amy kept her promise to help others, ultimately rescuing hundreds of women and children from the hopelessness of poverty, oppression, and life without Christ. First in the slums of Northern Ireland and later in far-away India, Amy reached out to others in love, faith and compassion. Now Heroes for Young Readers makes Amy Carmichael's remarkable story available in this picture book all ages will treasure. (1867-1951)

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Amy Carmichael, Rescuer By Night
Kay Walsh

Amy's story is one of bravery and adventure. Read how she saved the lives of children from destruction and showed the love of God to India. Ages 9 - 14

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Baby Born at Christmas
Sally Ann Wright

This beautifully illustrated mini-book tells the biblical Christmas story in an engaging way, accessible for young readers. Perfect for snuggling down with children in the cold Advent nights, this book will warm hearts and renew the wonder of Jesus’ coming for the young and old alike.

Price: €2.50
Baby Jesus -Tab Board Book
Karen Williamson

Explore the concept of faith in an approachable way with this fantastic board book that retells the Christmas story. The colourful tabs, which feature a character or object poking out from between the pages, give children a clue to the rest of the scene and prompt a chance for them to pick a favourite. With whimsical illustrations and child-friendly text, it's sure to become an instant favourite with preschoolers and parents alike. Out of Print

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Price: €5.50
Baby Jesus is Born Sticker Book
Karen Williamson

Delightfully festive sticker book retelling the story of Christmas, perfect for toddlers and early readers. Story begins wtih the Angel appearing to Mary and carries through to the Wise Men presenting gifts. Children get to search for the right stickers and place them on each page to help illustrate the story, and when finished, they have a bright and quirky story book to read again and again.

Price: €4.95
Barnabas : The Encourager
Carine MacKenzie

When Barnabas was a child, his name was Joses - but later on he was given the name Barnabas because that name meant encourager. Barnabas was very good at encouraging people! He encouraged many believers to keep following Jesus. You can read about Barnabas in the Bible in the book of Acts.

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