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Badges - Sea

Wording: Love is patient, Let us love one another, God made all things well, God cares Diameter : 4 cm
Price: €0.70        (Ref: 0631)

Box of Blessings - 101 Bible Promises for your Every Need

101 inspiring promises from God's Word to bless and encourage.
Price: €5.95        (Ref: 6006937115156)

Box of Blessings - 101 Blessings for my Teacher

51 cards to brighten a teacher's day
Price: €5.95        (Ref: 6006937083141) Order on Request

Box of Blessings - 101 favourite Bible verses for teens

These neat little boxes of blessings come filled with 51 double sided cards to brighten anyone's day, and are ideal as a gift for someone you care about. Size 94 x 65 x 25 mm. Card size 57 x 86 mm.
Price: €5.95        (Ref: 6006937089822)

Box of Blessings - 101 Favourite Bible verses for women

101 Blessings from God's Word to guide and encourage you. 51 double-sided cards
Price: €5.95        (Ref: 6006937086937)

Box Of Blessings - 101 Promises from Psalms

Just for you...101 treasured promises from Psalms to comfort and inspire. 51 double-sided cards.
Price: €5.95        (Ref: 6006937088597)

Box Of Blessings - 101 Proverbs to Live by

101 Proverbs from God's Book of Wisdom to guide and encourage you. 51 double-sided cards
Price: €5.95        (Ref: 6006937088580)