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On our website you can find information about the history of CLC (Christian Literature Center), directions on how to get to our bookshop and a catalogue of books and other products currently available at the bookshop. You may also search for products using our online database.

Latest Additions

NKJV Giant Print Reference Bible - Pink Leathertouch

The NKJV Giant Print Reference Bible features 14-point type, eight four-colour maps, a concordance, 52-week reading plan, and more.

Price: €26.95
Can Science Explain Everything?
John Lennox

Can science explain everything? Many people think so. Science, and the technologies it has spawned, has delivered so much to the world: clean water; more food; better healthcare; longer life. And we live in a time of rapid scientific progress that holds enormous promise for many of the problems we face as humankind. So much so, in fact, that many see no need or use for religion and belief systems that offer us answers to the mysteries of our universe. Science has explained it, they assume. Religion is redundant. Oxford Maths Professor and Christian believer Prof. John Lennox offers a fresh way of thinking about science and Christianity that dispels the common misconceptions about both. He reveals that not only are they not opposed, but they can and must mix to give us a fuller understanding of the universe and the meaning of our existence.

Price: €9.50
I Dared to Call Him Father
Bilquis Sheikh

I Dared To Call Him Father remains a classic case history in the ongoing dialogue between Muslims and Christians, as well as an enthralling story of faith and courage in the face of danger and difficulty. Bilquis Sheikh was a Pakistani woman of noble birth. Left by her husband, a high-ranking government official, she retreated to her family estate to live out her days in quiet luxury. But the deep-down peace she sought eluded her. Does God still speak to people today? This true story answers that question with a resounding yes. Searching in the Quran, Bilquis Sheikh found references to the prophet Jesus. So she turned to the pages of the Christian Bible to see if they could shed more light on this mysterious figure. At the same time a series of strange dreams launched her on a quest that would bring her to crisis point. Was Islam still the right way for her, or could God be known more personally? Her decision would change her life forever. This new edition includes previously unpublished material which brings the story up to date.

Price: €11.50
Colour Your Life - A Spiritual Colouring Book
Marcel Flier

This year saw a new, exciting trend- but this one won't be found in the playgrounds- this craze is specifically for adults who want a little bit of a reminder of their childhood. 2015 is the year of the adult colouring book and it doesn't look to be letting up anytime soon. Into the fold comes the spiritual colouring books: Colour Your Life & Colour Your Day. Designed by Marcus Flier Colour Your Life & Colour Your Day will entice you in with it's beautiful front covers, that won't look out of place on even the most grown up of coffee tables! Adult colouring books are an excellent way to relieve stress and anxiety at the end of the day, providing a perfect opportunity to take time out, relax and meditate on the word of God. A wonderful alternative to your traditional devotional or daily reading resource. Commended by many professionals as a new form of personal art therapy, each book focuses on a wide variety of intricate illustrations to focus and calm the mind - colouring books have been cited as helpful for treating anxiety & depression. Colour Your Life & Colour Your Day books also contain a selection of inspirational Bible verses which create pages of beauty as you meditate and pray. This is not a zoned out activity: your brain is concentrated but within minutes it's calmer, more peaceful, less aware of the stresses and uncertainties that may have plagued the day. Colour Your Life & Colour Your Day also come with four pages of postcards so you can proudly share your beautiful creations with friends & family - as well as keeping alive the tradition of letter writing. So grab your pencil case, sharpen your favourite colours and take time out to festoon the pages with beautiful illustrations. Indulge in some me time with a cup of tea, your Bible and God to relax after a difficult day or start the day with a few moments of tranquility. Learn more of God's words as you follow the patterns.

Price: €8.95   €4.95
Colour The Psalms
Michal Sparks

Pick up your crayons, coloured pencils, watercolours, or markers and allow the Spirit of the Psalms wash away your stress, refresh your heart, and welcome you into the presence of God. Artist Michal Sparks created each colouring page to compliment a favourite verse from the book of Psalms and now invites you to add the colours. Created specifically for adults, this colouring book is an invitation to be creative while you meditate on God's Word.

Price: €8.95   €4.95
Child's Bible HB
Sally Ann Wright

Timeless stories from the Bible, written with the very young in mind, providing a perfect introduction to the Bible. A Child's Bible by Sally Ann Wright and Honor Ayres, combines engaging storytelling with charming water colour illustrations. Children will love reading the stories from the Bible, each story representing the Bible as the story of God's relationship with his people. This Bible makes a perfect child's gift with its modern clean illustrations and timeless text - it will truly be treasured by both children and adults. Formally the 'Hodder Children's Bible' with 162,000 copies in print.

Price: €10.95